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Your definitive guide to the phenomenal content created by Canada’s independent media producers.

Indiescreen is an essential industry magazine published annually by the CMPA, which explores all aspects of independent production in Canada.

Indiescreen 2024

Our latest issue celebrates the CMPA’s milestone 75th anniversary, tracking the growth of the association alongside the evolution of Canada’s media production sector. With the recent passage of Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, we mark the beginning of yet another new era for the Canadian industry, one in which we hope to see more investment in the domestic content that reflects the diverse stories of people from across our vast country.

Latest articles

Bria Mack gets a show

With a unique premise, fresh voice and potential to reach a wide, often underserved audience, Bria Mack Gets a Life feels like a new chapter in Canadian television. Has New…

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Clean air

When a coalition of Canadian broadcasters announced at the Banff World Media Festival in June 2023 that they were banding together to tackle environmental sustainability in the screen sector, producers…

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A PACT to do better

The Shine Network and the National Screen Institute team up to offer a free Indigenous cultural competency course, to boost equity on set and on screen.

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And the nominees are…

Now in their 18th year, the Indiescreen Awards celebrate Canada’s most outstanding and most promising independent feature film producers. Nominees for the Established Producer Award are recognized for their collective…

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Bill C-11 is law. Now what?

After many plot twists and last-ditch efforts, Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, has finally became the law of the land. So… what comes next? We reached out to politicians,…

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French class

Implemented in 2021, France’s plan to fold international streaming platforms into its regulatory framework—and have them help fund French content—seemed ambitious. Set against the backdrop of Canada’s Bill C-11, which…

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Geena Davis Institute celebrates 20 years of tackling sexism on screen

Two decades in, the Geena Davis Institute is inspiring Canadian groups such as Reelworld and Women in View to tackle representation on screen using hard data

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France Martin hits the ground running

The new Executive Director of the Youth Media Alliance takes her positive attitude to a sector in flux: “This industry can go as far as it wants”

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Breaking down the barriers

Earlier this year, the DSO hired Winnie Luk as its new (and first) Executive Director. Luk has embraced her new role with extraordinary enthusiasm.

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They got next

For nearly 30 years, the CMPA’s mentorship program has provided emerging producers a leg up in the industry, by placing them in established production companies to receive one-on-one training from…

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CanFilmDay, how you’ve grown!

This calls for a large popcorn and a supersized soda: National Canadian Film Day is 10 years old! A decade ago, REEL CANADA—an organization that began by showing Canadian movies…

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Now is the time

Julie Roy knows Canada’s film production sector like the back of her hand. With nearly 20 years of experience at the National Film Board (most recently as Director General of…

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