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STAR Coaching Program


Jakub Jasinski

Senior Manager, Events & Member Services

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The CMPA STAR Coaching Program is a professional development initiative designed to help members leverage coaching and consulting to advance their careers.

The CMPA’s STAR Coaching Program is a new coaching platform for members, under it’s STAR Producer Program. The program provides CMPA member companies with up to $3,500 in value that can be applied to coaching and consultation services falling under one of the three program streams.

There are 15 coaching opportunities available under each stream. Member companies may only submit an expression of interest to one program stream, however members will have the opportunity to indicate a second choice, if their preferred coaching stream is full.

Coaching services must be contracted by April 1, 2024, and participants will need to submit a coaching plan and a final report to access full financial support.

Expressions of interest will be reviewed by a selection committee over the coming weeks, and selected companies will be invited to submit a short, follow-up application.

Learn more about each stream and submit your expression of interest below.

Mid-career production/corporate support

The mid-career coaching stream aims to provide experienced producers with an opportunity to work with a subject matter expert to address a project-specific issue or broader business challenge. The objective of this stream is to broaden skill sets and increase knowledge, while also helping a producer grow their network and build meaningful professional relationships.

Examples of services offered under this stream:

  • Audience development
  • Business affairs support
  • Creative production support
  • Digital rights management
  • International co-production
  • Marketing and promotion strategy 
  • Negotiation of broadcaster and distribution deals
  • Pitching
  • Other

Sustainability & climate action

The sustainability coaching stream aims to provide member companies with support to initiate or further their organization’s efforts to implement practices to address climate change. The objective of this stream is to support action to mitigate the global climate emergency.

Examples of services offered under this stream:

  • Staff/production training
  • Carbon calculator implementation
  • Sustainability program implementation
  • Project case study analysis,
  • Climate storytelling,
  • Corporate sustainability,
  • Future strategic planning
  • Other

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

The EDI coaching stream aims to build on the CMPA’s Wide Lens program and provide member companies with dedicated coaching and support to help implement policies and practices that will eliminate systemic barriers for individuals from equity-deserving and Indigenous communities and create new opportunities for engagement, and collaboration.

Examples of services offered under this stream:

  • Staff/production training (anti-racism, unconscious bias, other)
  • Community engagement plans
  • Accessibility strategy development/implementation
  • Authenticity on screen
  • Corporate EDI policy development
  • Other