International affairs

The CMPA is dedicated to helping Canadian producers establish international partnerships and bring their content to screens around the world.


Susanne Vaas
Vice-President, Corporate & International Affairs
1-613-688-0950 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 337

Sarolta Csete
Director, Development & Corporate Affairs
1-613-688-0952 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 338

To thrive in today’s global marketplace, Canadian content needs to travel across our borders and onto international screens.

The CMPA works to:

  • Promote co-production opportunities for CMPA members.

  • Expand our members’ international market knowledge.

  • Strengthen our links with offshore industry organizations looking to broaden their own international market reach and presence.

The CMPA is as interested in working within established markets and festivals as it is in building strategic industry contacts and exploring new opportunities outside of these.

Download the CMPA’s latest International Strategy.

Join an international delegation

For more information on past delegations, please contact:

Susanne Vaas
Vice-President, Corporate & International Affairs
1-613-688-0950 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 337

Sarolta Csete
Director, Development & Corporate Affairs
1-613-688-0952 /
1-800-686-7440 ext. 338

Take your networking to another level—and another country—by joining one of our international delegations.

Our delegations are designed to help our members succeed in a globally competitive market. Previous CMPA delegations have travelled to Hong Kong, Beijing, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Los Angeles and more.

Current international initiatives

CMPA Mission to MediaCon (Dublin, Ireland) and Content London (London, UK)

Up to 10 producers will be invited to join the CMPA delegation travelling to MediaCon (Dublin, Ireland) and C21’s Content London (London, UK) from November 20-30, 2018, inclusive of travel days. The purpose of this initiative is to create co-production, financing and sales opportunities for CMPA members.

In addition to attending the events, selected participants will participate in activities organized specifically for the delegation with local and international producers, financiers and buyers. All activities will focus on creating opportunities for potential co-production, financing and/or sales for delegation members.

Financial assistance of up to $3,450.00 CDN or 50% of real costs (whichever amount is less) will be available to help offset a portion of travel, accommodation and conference registration expenses.

Apply →

Past calls for participation

Pre-Sale Pitch Sessions in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, United States
August 21-23, 2018
Delegation to Screen Forever
Melbourne, Australia
November 12-18, 2017
Delegation to the Hong Kong Filmart and Beijing
Hong Kong and Beijing, China
March 11-17, 2017

International co-productions

For more information about how productions may qualify for co-production certification and to access official treaty co-production guidelines and copies of the co-production treaties, please visit Telefilm Canada.

International treaty co-productions are films and TV programs jointly created by Canadian and foreign producers, each contributing creatively, technically and financially to the project.

These productions enjoy national status in each country. Co-productions are an excellent way for Canadian producers to tap into international financing and talent and create content with global resonance.

International treaty co-productions must be approved by Telefilm Canada and the recognized authority in the partnering country.

Canada currently has co-production agreements with more than 60 countries. The complete list is available at Telefilm Canada.

CRTC co-ventures

For more information about the Canadian program certification process, including eligibility criteria for CRTC-certified co-ventures, please visit the CRTC website.

Canadian producers interested in working with a producer from a country with which Canada has no official co-production treaty can do so as a CRTC-certified co-venture.

These productions don’t qualify for Canadian-content tax credits, but do qualify for production services tax credit and are classified as “Canadian content” for domestic broadcast purposes.

Canadian producers participating in co-ventures must have equal decision-making responsibility and retain 50% share of investment and profits, while the foreign producer can own 100% of copyright.

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