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Build your business and grow your network with our professional development opportunities.

STAR Producer Program

The CMPA STAR Producer Program is a comprehensive professional development platform designed to help members advance their careers and grow their businesses. STAR is an acronym for SkillsTrainingAccess and Resources, which the program offers through an extensive range of development opportunities for producers at all stages of their careers.

Wide Lens

Wide Lens is the CMPA’s equity, diversity and inclusion training program for members. The program is tailor-made to help producers recognize and eliminate systemic barriers for individuals from equity-seeking and Indigenous communities, and to create new opportunities for engagement, partnership and collaboration.


The CMPA’s diverse mentorship programs are a launch pad for the next class of Canadian media producers. For over 25 years, the CMPA’s National Mentorship Program has invested in the next generation of independent producers—and a strong future for our industry—by placing aspiring producers in Canada’s leading production companies.

International affairs

To thrive in today’s global marketplace, Canadian content needs to travel across our borders and onto international screens. The CMPA is dedicated to helping Canadian producers establish international partnerships and bring their content to screens around the world.

Producers toolkit

The producers toolkit is an continually evolving list of tools, knowledge and resources designed to help production company owners make informed decisions to grow their businesses.

Professional development for media producers in Canada

In September 2023, the CMPA released a report examining the range of professional development programming options for media producers in Canada. To access the full analysis, including a comprehensive listing of the wide range of training programs available, see the full report below.