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The CMPA STAR Producer Program is a comprehensive professional development platform designed to help members advance their careers and grow their businesses.

The STAR Producer Program consists of a series of modules, offered throughout the year.

Past modules

The goal of this module was to help producers identify and maximize opportunities to develop and commercialize intellectual property.

Programming in this module included a virtual networking event to connect CMPA members with leaders from interactive digital media (IDM) companies across Canada, as well as a webinar that explored practical IP monetization business models.

The second, development-focused module of our CMPA STAR Producer Program was centred on planning and executing co-production projects.

This production-focused module offered members the opportunity to gain a significant understanding of new virtual production technology and techniques.

In this module of the STAR Producer Program, members were provided with a range of professional development opportunities focused on topics related to post-production.

This module was aimed at helping producers identify and maximize opportunities to develop and commercialize intellectual property.

Banking for Producers was a three-unit training module, developed to educate producers about how to effectively work with banks to fund production projects, and to build and grow production businesses.

The Banking for Producers training module was developed with a significant emphasis on opening access and eliminating barriers for Indigenous and equity-deserving individuals when working with the banking system.

For new and emerging producers, the programming focused on demystifying the banking system and providing information about the various aspects of project financing.

For established producers, the programming shed light on how to build strategic partnerships with banks, and provided information about corporate financing for domestic and global business growth.

This module aimed to help producers incorporate eco-friendly practices into their productions, so they could deliver high-quality content while reducing their environmental impact.