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Sustainability and climate action

This module aimed to help producers incorporate eco-friendly practices into their productions, so they could deliver high-quality content while reducing their environmental impact.



The budgetary implications of sustainable production practices


The sustainability and climate module kicked off with a webinar on Wednesday May 24, 2023 about the budgetary implications of sustainable production practices.

This webinar, hosted by the CMPA’s Tracey Friesen (Managing Vice-President, BC Producers Branch) featured Telefilm’s Deborah Patz (Investment Analyst) who unpacked their revised budget template, the CMF’s Marcia Douglas (VP, Growth & Inclusion) who dug deeper into eligible costs and best practices and Hans Dayal (Production Manager and Chair of the DGC BC Sustainability Committee) with valuable insights into how you can incorporate eco-friendly practices into your production budget. Tracey also reviewed the CMPA’s recently released research report “Towards a Green Budget Framework.”


Virtual networking roundtables with green production partners

On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the CMPA’s STAR Producer Program hosted a virtual networking event where producers will have an opportunity to meet with consultants and leaders in green production practices and climate storytelling.

Producers met in small groups over Zoom, with the companies of their choice. Representatives from the companies presented an overview on their organization and their specialties, and set aside a portion of time for questions and discussion.

We were happy to welcome the following companies to the networking event:

  • Earth Angel
  • Good Energy
  • Good Planet Innovation
  • Green Spark Group
  • Picture Zero Productions


The CMPA encourages all producers and industry stakeholders to take action to reduce their carbon emissions as quickly as possible. Under the Producers Toolkit section of our website, you can find a selection of resources to help you design and implement sustainable practices to reduce your production’s carbon footprint. New links will be added to this toolkit on an ongoing basis, across the topics of training and tools, climate content, and consultants.

Carbon calculator training

As some funders begin to introduce carbon tracking requirements for funding, calculating the carbon footprint of your production will become an important step in understanding its environmental impact.

In partnership with the CMPA, Reel Green is offering a free carbon calculator training as part of the STAR Producer Program. CMPA members and non-members were invited to attend this free training session on Thursday June 8.

Derived from one of the motion picture industry’s leading carbon calculators, albert, Reel Green has adapted a carbon calculator, for free, for film productions to use.

Calculating the carbon footprint of your production is an important step in understanding the impact of film production. Having consistent data and metrics from the industry can help organizations like Reel Green understand priority areas for sustainable practices as well as help productions understand and measure their carbon impact.

Additionally, with more available data points we can also derive economic benefits of going green on production!

The albert carbon calculator tool is available free for all productions to use. It has helped streamline the process of inputting and collecting data needed to calculate carbon impact. Multiple productions can be tracked on this tool, and having a single data hub helps to develop benchmarks for productions to work from and improve upon.

Although the June session sold out, Reel Green is in the process of organizing an August session. Stay tuned for registration information.