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CMPA report analyzes over 200 professional development programs for producers in Canada


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TORONTO, September 12, 2023 —The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) today released a report examining the range of professional development programming options for media producers in Canada. The research found that while there is an abundance of high-quality programs available, the variety and extensive volume of programs on offer can make it difficult for individual producers to identify the training opportunities that best meet their specific needs.

The research identified and analyzed over 200 programs available to producers working in Canada’s media production sector, and supplemented this with a survey of CMPA members that examined producers’ perceptions of the professional development landscape.

Key findings and insights from the report include:

  • More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of the producers surveyed report that training and professional development are important to their career development, with 47 per cent saying it is essential and an additional 29 per cent identifying it as very important.
  • Programs on offer are most often categorized and segmented by career stage (i.e. emerging, early-career, mid-career, established, etc.); however, there are no standard definitions given to these terms, which can create challenges for producers looking to evaluate and compare different programs.
  • Although producers across all levels of experience stand to benefit from training opportunities, the majority of professional development programs offered in Canada are aimed at individuals who are in the very early stages of their careers, indicated by the fact that over 50 per cent of the programs analyzed for the report were found to be centered on mentorships and internship opportunities.

“Professional development is crucial for success in today’s constantly evolving industry, and producers in Canada are fortunate to have many organizations working to offer high-quality training and development programs,” said Andrew Addison, the CMPA’s Vice-President, Communications, Marketing & Membership. “We hope this report will generate a discussion about how the industry can work collaboratively and build on the solid foundation that exists to meet the varied needs of this country’s talented media producers.”

To access the full analysis, including a comprehensive listing of the wide range of training programs available, see the full report here.


The research for this report was conducted by consultants Linda Hay and Lindsay Valve (Quilin) on behalf of the CMPA in late 2022. Research included a scan of current professional development offerings for producers, both emerging and established, in English Canada. Data on over 200 programs was collected and categorized based on standard sectoral segments and easily identifiable sources. To build on this research, a survey on skills development was sent to CMPA members, to help identify producers’ current needs for professional development. Survey participants were asked about the types and formats of programs they prefer, their experiences with programs, and topics or areas of development that they felt were beneficial to their careers.

The Canadian Media Producers Association is the national advocacy organization for independent producers, representing hundreds of companies engaged in the development, production, and distribution of English-language content made for television, cinema, and digital media channels. For 75 years, the CMPA has worked to promote the continued success of the Canadian production sector and to ensure a bright future for the diverse content made by our members for both domestic and international audiences.

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Gamiela Fereg
Senior Manager, Media Relations & Communications, CMPA