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Please note that the funds may update programs, guidelines and FAQs without notice. Please visit the website of any fund you are interested in for further details.

For additional programs, check out funding opportunities for provinces and territories.

Bell Fund supports the production of great, market-driven Canadian content in the genres of lifestyle, drama, comedy, and documentary series.

CMF is a not-for-profit corporation that supports content creation for linear content programs in the genres of Drama, Documentary, Children and Youth, and Variety and Performing arts. CMF also provides funding for interactive digital media projects.

Applicants must read the guidelines consisting of: (i) the Core Guidelines, (ii) the applicable Program Guidelines, (iii) Appendix A: Definitions and Essential Requirements, and (iv) Appendix B: Business Policies, before applying to any CMF Program. These documents are available on the CMF website.

A national CBC initiative for Deaf and disabled creators developed in partnership with ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto that will provide training, mentorship and, on select projects, financing support to create scripted and documentary screen-based content.

Provides financing for the production of dramatic television series and mini-series with a running time of 60 minutes (or less for children’s series); all productions must be intended for prime-time broadcast (with the exception of children’s programming).

Supports the production of Canadian independently produced series for private broadcast television and online undertakings in the following genres: drama, documentary, children’s programming, educational, instructional, performing arts, and variety.  Minimum 6 x 30-minute episodes.

Championing quality Canadian children’s programming. Invests in audiovisual programming content of all lengths (features, series, digital media) that enriches and educates the audience and tells stories that are of great interest to Canadian children, while offering safe experiences on various platforms.

TELUS Fund’s mandate is to fund exceptional content where the health and well-being of Canadians is featured prominently in the central storyline of the project.