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Feature film

Please note that the funds may update programs, guidelines and FAQs without notice. Please visit the website of any fund you are interested in for further details.

For additional programs, check out funding opportunities for provinces and territories.

CFC is home to a range of intensive programs in film, television and digital/immersive media that empower, shape and advance opportunities for Canadian talent to pursue successful careers

The NFB, Canada’s public producer and distributor, works in collaboration with emerging and established producers in the creation of original audiovisual and interactive works with cultural and social significance, that offer new perspectives and Canadian points of view on Canada and the world.

Championing quality Canadian children’s programming. Invests in audiovisual programming content of all lengths (features, series, digital media) that enriches and educates the audience and tells stories that are of great interest to Canadian children, while offering safe experiences on various platforms.

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to developing and promoting Canada’s audiovisual industry in Feature Films, Festival Activities and Cinemas, and International Programs. Telefilm provides financial support to independent producers, including emerging producers, in its Talent to Watch program, to create distinctively Canadian productions with domestic and international appeal.

TELUS Fund’s mandate is to fund exceptional content where the health and well-being of Canadians is featured prominently in the central storyline of the project.