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IP monetization

This module was aimed at helping producers identify and maximize opportunities to develop and commercialize intellectual property.



Maximizing your IP monetization opportunities


On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the CMPA hosted a webinar that looked at how producers can extend the value of their produced content through a range of IP exploitation and monetization opportunities. Drawing on their deep experience, our panelists examined a series of practical case studies that aimed to help producers keep IP exploitation top-of-mind from pre-development and on through the entire production lifecycle. Moderated by Irene S. Berkowitz (The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University), the panel featured:

  • Cassandra Butcher – Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Creative Director, BRON Studios
  • Sarah Nathanson – Chief Operating Officer, Thunderbird Entertainment
  • Jeff Pestell – President, Champ & Pepper Inc.
  • Haydn Wazelle – President/Producer, Tabula Dada Productions


Canadian Interactive Alliance virtual meet-up

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, we hosted a virtual networking event via Zoom that connected leaders working in Canada’s interactive digital media industry with the independent production sector. Presented in partnership with Interactive Ontario, the event included IDM companies from across the country who are part of The Canadian Interactive Alliance / L ‘Alliance Interactive Canadienne (CIAIC), which includes provincial associations such as DigiBC, Interactive Nova Scotia, New Media Manitoba, SaskInteractive, and others. Executives and independent producers were connected to discuss their work and focus, and potential collaborations. The event was split into a number of 15-minute breakout sessions, followed by an open networking round.



Defending our Rights Series: An Intellectual Property Strategy for Canada
The series, Defending our Rights, lays out the first principles for understanding the importance of intellectual property protections, and seeks to support the government’s goal, stated in the 2017 federal budget, of crafting a new intellectual property strategy for Canada.
Take Risks, Retain IP and Befriend Zombies
An article from CMPA’s Indiescreen that explores IP ownership with CEO of Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Skybound North Entertainment, Catherine Winder.
Manage your intellectual property
Tools and resources to help businesses leverage intellectual property (IP).
How the Future of Entertainment Will Be Forged Between Hollywood and Video Games
An article from IndieWire on the change that has been occurring as the lines between film, TV, and gaming continue to blur.
Intellectual property and copyright
Resources from the Government of Canada website on protecting your intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and using IP as a business tool.
IP Academy
Online learning resources, seminars and training about intellectual property (IP), such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright.
IP Goes Pop
IP Goes Pop explores the interface between intellectual property(IP) and popular culture. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are often referenced in popular movies, television and songs, but who owns the rights to creative expression? How long does a patent last? What makes a trade secret truly secret? Is the media getting it right when reporting on intellectual property issues?
Life rights exposed: Pam and Tommy
An article that explores life story rights and how producing a work without life story rights exposes the producers to risk.
The Rise of Must-Read TV
An article from The Atlantic on how your Netflix habit is changing contemporary fiction.