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Banking for

Banking for Producers was a three-unit training module, developed to educate producers about how to effectively work with banks to fund production projects, and to build and grow production businesses.

The Banking for Producers training module was developed with a significant emphasis on opening access and eliminating barriers for Indigenous and equity-deserving individuals when working with the banking system

For new and emerging producers, the programming focused on demystifying the banking system and providing information about the various aspects of project financing.

For established producers, the programming shed light on how to build strategic partnerships with banks, and provided information about corporate financing for domestic and global business growth.



Unit 1: Banking basics for producers


Recorded on October 14, 2022, this webinar was presented by Nghia Nguyen, Vice-President of Business, Legal Affairs at WildBrain, and covered topics such as cashflow, interim financing, and the steps in a loan application process. The content of this webinar was intended for producers with little to no experience working with banks for production.


Unit 2: Financing production projects


On November 24th, 2022, Unit 2 included representatives from the media divisions of Canadian banks and lending institutions, and focused on the details of interim and project-financing.

This session included significant emphasis on opening access and eliminating barriers faced by Indigenous and equity-deserving producers when working with the banking system. This session was moderated by Michelle Wong (Head of Business Affairs, SEVEN24 Films) and Haydn Wazelle (Co-Founder & CEO, ZedDrive).

Topics covered during the webinar included:

  • Processes, timelines and required documentation for interim financing and project financing applications
  • Overview of banks’ internal risk review and approval processes
  • Summary of common pitfalls and challenges, and how to avoid them
  • Discussion around existing programs for Indigenous and equity-deserving producers; and opportunities to expand such initiatives


Unit 3: Corporate financing & strategic growth


Unit 3 took place on Tuesday March 28, 2023 and included representatives from the media divisions of Canadian banks and lending institutions. It focused on corporate financing, international strategy and expansion, and working with banks to fund multiple projects at once for business growth. Topics covered during the webinar included:

  • Corporate financing, including when and how to use a corporate line of credit
  • Working with a financial institution for strategic council on growth planning, managing multiple streams of income and expenditures, interest rate hedging, etc.
  • Company valuation / merger and acquisition considerations
  • Working internationally, including banking in foreign jurisdictions, currency hedging, etc.

This session was moderated by Anne Loi (Executive Vice President, M&A and Chief Commercial Officer, WildBrain) and featured the following panelists:

  • Clare Cowling – Managing Director, Media Finance, Bank of Montreal
  • Donald MacGillivray – Senior Relationship Manager, Media & Entertainment, Commercial Financial, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Anne Schneerer – Associate Vice President, Creative Industries Group, National Bank of Canada
  • Angelo Zeni – Managing Director, Growth and Transition Capital, BDC


“Banking for Producers” networking event

On Thursday April 20, 2023, we hosted a virtual networking event via Zoom connecting producers with Canada’s leading banks and lending institutions.

With the intent of facilitating new working relationships and building connections, this event targeted producers who were actively exploring partnerships with financial institutions.

Representatives from the Bank of Montreal, the National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, and the BDC were in attendance. The event was split into 25-minute breakout sessions where producers met with the institutions of their choice.