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BSO-CMPA Black Producer Accelerator Program


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Sarolta Csete

Director, Mentorship and International Development

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Application process

We only accept applications via our online application portal. Should you require assistance with your application, please contact us.

Please note that applicants will be required to upload the following documents during the process:

Producer applicants:


  • Letter of intent
  • Placement work plan (to be completed online)


May 3, 2024

About the Black Screen Office (BSO) The Black Screen Office helps build a screen industry free of anti-Black racism, by working with industry decision-makers to change practices and build systems for accountability, directly catalyzing the production of Black-led content and supporting the career advancement of Black professionals. 

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The CMPA has partnered with the Black Screen Office (BSO) on the Black Producer Accelerator Program to increase representation and support the career advancement of Black Canadian producers in the Canadian Screen industry.

This initiative focuses on supporting the career acceleration of Black Canadian producers in the coming year, ultimately equipping them to be hired by the Mentor Producer’s production company or another production company.

Black candidates who have demonstrated interest in working in production, with the ultimate goal of becoming a producer, may apply with any CMPA member company in good standing. Areas of interest can be explored in any aspect of production, including (but not limited to) research, pre-development, development, on-set and office production, business affairs, marketing, and promotion. These activities can take place in any genre – narrative, documentary, factual, game shows, etc.

This program is offered with financial support from Entertainment Partners Canada.

Mentee eligibility

  • Open to candidates who self-identify as Black (African, Canadian, Caribbean, European, American, South/Central American, Mixed Race, Other)
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee status has been conferred
  • Must be legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations
  • Cannot be an employee or family member of the mentor company
  • Must be co-applying with a mentor company.  The CMPA will, on a case-by-case basis, endeavour to pair candidates with limited or no access to suitable mentor companies, with its qualifying members. This does not guarantee that an application will be successful given the limited number of spots available. You may also create a profile that will be accessible to mentor companies seeking a candidate. Find out more here.

Mentor company eligibility

  • Must be a member of the CMPA.
  • Must be co-applying with a producer candidate. The CMPA will, on a case-by-case basis, endeavour to pair mentor companies with suitable candidates. This does not guarantee that an application will be successful given the limited number of spots available. You may also post a mentorship opportunity that will be accessible to candidates seeking a mentor. Find out more here.
  • Must contribute toward the program participant stipend
  • A mentor applicant cannot be an employer or family member of the producer applicant with whom they are submitting a joint application

Selection process

A selection panel will award placements. Decisions will be based on the criteria for the mentor company and the producer application. The panel will be responsible for evaluating applications on their overall merit and the selection panel’s decisions on the awarded placements will be final. Given the high number of applications and the limited resources available, some deserving applications may not be successful. All applications will be assessed against the program’s goal to create meaningful placements that will ultimately help Black producers’ efforts in developing their knowledge of and experience in the screen-based media production industry. As such, the selection panel may consider a number of factors in order to make their decisions on applications. These factors may include, but are not limited to, the:

  • Viability of the mentor-producer applicant relationship (e.g., shared goals and objectives; post-placement employment opportunities with the mentor company; financial contribution to the producer participant’s stipend; demonstrated commitment to sharing expertise, and ability and experience in training)
  • Clear objectives and skills development goals, including outlining 3-5 critical experiences that the producer will undertake.
  • Strength of the proposed work plan (e.g., producer participant’s job description; diversity of training; mentor supervision) vs. proposed producer’s related education, professional goals, and work or volunteer experience
  • Demonstrated commitment to the screen-based media production industry

Historically, CMPA mentorship programs have been oversubscribed; as such, some worthy applications may not be successful.

Mentee support

BSO will organize one group session/panel discussion every month. These group sessions will include producer-related info relevant to all participants.  The BSO will also conduct mandatory monthly check-ins with mentors and mentees.

Financial assistance

Each mentee receives a minimum of $16,000 for their placement, based on a 20-week, 40-hour per week work schedule. Mentor companies owned and operated by Black producers will receive a contribution of $12,000 towards the producer participant’s wages and must contribute a minimum of $4,000.  All other mentor companies will receive a contribution of $8,000 towards the producer participant’s wages and must contribute a minimum of $8,000. 

Payment of funds

Upon selection each mentor company must sign a contract with the CMPA and the producer participant, outlining the requirements of the program, including reporting procedures and how funds will be dispersed. Each financial award is to be solely applied to the producer participant’s stipend.

The CMPA contribution will be disbursed in three installments. The mentor will receive each installment upon submission of an invoice for the amount and the required supporting documentation (invoices, mid-term and final reports, final questionnaires, and proof of payment for the producer participant’s stipend).