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Whizbang Films

About us

Since founding Whizbang in 1999, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning producer Siracusa has established an impressive filmography of high quality, drama series, comedies, TV movies, and feature films and to produced the immensely popular GOOD WITCH franchise.

Siracusa, parlayed the achievements in navigating today's evolving television landscape, in 2012, Whizbang partnered with Take 5 Productions to co-produce the CBS series BEAUTY & THE BEAST. Leveraging the success of the partnership, the companies went on to launch and produce the CBS/CW series REIGN and is now launching into production of a fourth season of In The Dark. They have formed TV production partnerships with SyFy, Netflix, Sony, Hulu and MGM, including productions such as LOCKE & KEY and MOST DANGEROUS GAME. They produced an episode for the fourth season of BLACK MIRROR for Netflix and launched the production of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY series for Paramount+ and are continuing with its highly anticipated fifth season, launching soon STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS. For Sony they have produced the series ACCUSED and for MGM they have completed the series CONDOR and continue work on the award winning series THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

Whizbang actively pursues new partnerships while continuing to solidify his strong ties with streaming platforms, conventional broadcasters and distributors throughout the entertainment industry.