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Bonus Production Services Inc.

About us

Bonus Production Services is a Manitoba production company owned by Rhonda Baker, Ellen Rutter, and Carrie Wilkins. Bonus Productions specializes in service production, offering decades of expertise in budgeting and managing productions to maximize Manitoba tax credits. They proudly advertise Manitoba as a centre of excellence for productions of all sizes.

Ellen has worked as a Line Producer,2nd Unit Director, 2nd Unit AD, and UPM for Canadian and American productions since the mid-1980's. She has produced and managed television series, features, and direct distribution movies for independents and studios including Netflix, Universal Studios, Amazon, Fox/Disney, and Lionsgate.

Carrie has spent the last 30 years as an entrepreneur, joining the film industry in 2017. She has a deep understanding of effectively improving business operations to positively impact growth, productivity and profit, while creating a positive and empowering workplace culture. Carrie has quickly risen through the production ranks, applying her financial and entrepreneurial experience to the business of film working as a Producer, Line Producer, and UPM.

Rhonda has over 30 years of film industry experience as a Producer. She has worked on several international co-productions from a variety of countries. She has earned a reputation as a Producer that delivers projects on time and on budget.