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1Department Entertainment Services Inc.

About us

Shane Boucher's early career was spent honing his design talents in the art department. Leveraging his education in theatre production, Shane quickly became a skilled set decorator, props master, and graphics designer. With a distinguished artistic vision, and a solid aptitude for people management, Shane has amassed over 60 art department credits, and remains a sought-after art director and production designer.

As a producer, Shane hung up the 1 Department shingle in 2016. Chief among 1 Department's guiding principles is a desire to employ and develop a pool of talent technicians, artists, and business minds. 1 Department produces 6-8 overlapping projects per year, and is poised to undertake simultaneous productions starting in 2021. As a small business owner, Shane pays particular attention to ethical business practices and value-oriented decision making.

A major contributor to the burgeoning production community in Ottawa, Shane is renowned and respected for his practical and artistic approach to service production.