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Peterson Polaris Corp

About us

Peterson Polaris Corp. is a Canadian based media production company, owned by the award-winning filmmaker, Michael Peterson. Peterson Polaris has helped create, develop and produce original feature films, TV and web series, short films, commercials, new media and documentary projects which lean towards elevated genre.
Located in Calgary, Canada, they are constantly developing new creative ventures internally, and through a variety of partnerships and collaborations with other Canadian and international companies. Intense efforts and an eye to good marketing, has placed them as leaders in the genre world, by promoting creator-driven projects towards both critical and commercial success. Our projects have played top film festivals and been sold and distributed in multiple domestic and international territories.
Projects we have participated in developing, co-creating and/or producing include:
Lloyd the Conqueror Drawing Home
Eddies: The Documentary Empyrean
Fake Blood
True Fiction
The Wilmore Boys (Pilot only, but broadcast) Ryan Goes Rogue
Canada Hunts
The Secret History Of The Wild West
Ming’s Dynasty