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Backwoods Entertainment Ltd.

About us

Backwoods Entertainment Ltd is Jeff Wonnenberg's personal services corporation. Jeff is a seasoned producer and business affairs specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Canadian film and television industry. He has successfully delivered numerous, flagship live action productions, ranging from unscripted documentary, lifestyle and reality series, to scripted drama and comedy series. He has a strong background in production and business management, including the realms of budgeting, scheduling, crewing, funding, financing, operations, entertainment law, contract negotiation, risk mitigation, insurance, safety, and environmental sustainability, as well as the development and distribution of screen content.

Currently in the fall of 2023, Jeff is a freelance film and TV professional, providing producer and business affairs services for various Canadian film, television, and digital media producers and productions, including Blink49, Tyson Media and Greener Island. He is passionate about creating and delivering quality, engaging, and diverse screen content that often reflects and celebrates Canadian and American perspectives. He is also committed to environmental sustainability and reconciliation with Indigenous communities. Jeff enjoys working with an incredible network of colleagues and an extraordinary roster of on-camera personalities, and is always open to exploring new opportunities and navigating challenges in the screen industry.