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Crawford Filmworks Inc

About us

Crawford Filmworks Inc. creates precise, effective and unique content for our global clients. We have worked with major streaming services and studios producing a variety of projects from motion picture productions, commercials, as well as marketing and promos for many film and television studios around the world. We’re known to push the limits of what’s possible, while staying on schedule and on-budget. We create safe, open environments, where creativity can thrive. From creative brainstorming, pitching and packaging, to executing projects with over 100 crew and large budgets; we enjoy exceeding our clients' expectations.

Communication - we take pride having strong communication flow with our clients to ensure that all elements within our control are executed to the level our customers expect. We have experience in running Union & Non-Union productions throughout Canada which makes us an empathetic Canadian production partner for all your project needs. Crawford Filmworks Inc. stays true to their founding ideals that created this company in the first place.