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Copperheart Entertainment Inc.

About us

Copperheart Entertainment is a Toronto-based film and television production company that has produced over a dozen successful feature films, the Academy Award-winning animated short, “Ryan”, and the world’s first Imax 3D animated movie “Cyberworld”. Previous live-action films include "A Christmas Horror Story" starring William Shatner, "Wolves" starring Jason Momoa and Lucas Till, written and directed by David Hayter (X-Men, Watchmen), “Haunter” starring Abigail Breslin and “Splice” starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, both directed by Vincenzo Natali, the Dimension Films remake of the 70s horror classic “Black
Christmas” directed by Glen Morgan (Final Destination, X-Files), and the Lionsgate cult hit "Ginger Snaps" trilogy.