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Flirt Films (9252-7035 QUEBEC INC.)

About us

Flirt Films is a production company founded in 1997. The company develops, produces and manages Patricia Chica's I.P. and in-house films, as well projects by diverse, queer, and conscious creators. Flirt Films has produced independent films laureate of over 60 awards, and selected in approximately 300 festivals, some documentaries, as well as multiple music videos.

The purpose of the company is to tell stories that empower and inspire audiences worldwide and that can be distributed internationally. Our productions have a strong socially-conscious message and an author-driven artistic sensitivity.

Currently, our focus is on the development of American partners in order to create co-venture strategies that combine various models of financing, such as private equity investment in the United States, regional tax incentives and financing through public institutions from Canada.

Content wise, our primary goal is to create and produce high quality, original, and “prestige” productions that inspire, entertain, transform and make the audiences think. Recent productions we have developed include Morning After (short film), Montréal Girls and Bougainvillea (dramatic features) and Soleil & Luna (TV series).

Flirt Films was selected among the six production companies to participate in the 2021 Canadian Creative Accelerator organized by the Trade Commissioner of the Consulate of Canada in Los Angeles.