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Grace Street Media

About us

Grace Street Media is both a production company and a media consultancy that specializes in strategically converting niche audiences into fan-centric communities. We help develop, launch, and monetize niche streaming services, FASTs, AVOD and SVOD, and both acquire and produce original content to support those outlets. Demographic, sociocultural, and technological shifts are dismantling the concept of a mass audience. As niche becomes the new normal, we help our clients reach and influence target audiences with maximum brand and editorial impact, across all platforms.

The firm produces both linear and non-linear/interactive content and is actively involved in the “stage to screen” virtual production process extending the reach of the performing arts while enhancing audience experiences.

Grace Street Media also advises production companies and rightsholders who may be considering distribution deals with FAST channels and are seeking insights and guidance on how to proceed.

Grace Street Media is led by a passionate and inquisitive team of media innovators. With deep roots in network broadcast journalism, research, and content production, Grace Street Media uncovers new business opportunities by identifying underserved audiences and fully optimizing content and distribution.

Clients include Telefilm Canada, Ballinran Entertainment, Télévision française de l'Ontario, Big Coat Productions