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Pointer Wolf Productions Inc.

About us

Pointer Wolf Productions is an emerging film production company focussed on producing films that strives to move its audiences through independent features and short stories. Founded by Tina Sheldon and Carson MacCormac, the company is based in Toronto, Ontario.
Previous productions include the short film Thinly Veiled, with Buck Productions as executive producer and U.S feature film, East of Middle West, set for release in 2021. Pointer Wolf Productions is currently producing the feature film, If I Only Knew, the true story of a world renown Canadian neuroscientist now battling the latter stages of Huntington’s. Upcoming productions include the feature film “Aura”, as well as Victims, a thriller about a serial killer terrorizing university towns of Ontario.
Through innovative, talented, and collaborative efforts, Pointer Wolf Productions is results-driven and focusses on promoting gender equality while generating unique and personal successes. We foster a respectful and inspirational environment that motivates our team to produce socially and emotionally impactful stories.
Pointer Wolf Productions explores its fascinations with the human condition by writing and selecting scripts that leave its characters compromised and challenged. With a grounded and lively team, Pointer Wolf Productions firmly believes in the efficacy of storytelling, seeking to ignite passionate conversation, leaving its audiences affected by the meaningful stories it tells.