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Wabung Anung Films Ltd

About us

Storytelling is a time-honoured practice in the Aboriginal world, handed down through the generations to ensure that the past is never forgotten. Traditionally, elders would convey these stories orally, and that process is considered to be one of the earliest art forms. Passing on these legends from one generation to the next has been essential to cultural survival. How these stories are told has evolved over time, and today it is common for technology to help tell them — from television to mobile apps. That evolution of storytelling was necessary to keep Aboriginal youth engaged and interested in their heritage and history in today’s modern world.

Wabung Anung Films was created to help tell these stories using modern media, providing elders with an efficient way of reaching the masses, sharing a rich cultural history not only with Aboriginal people but with non-Indigenous audiences as well. The company has offices in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. We have produced numerous shows and documentary series, primarily for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) based in Winnipeg.

We are a Canadian and Aboriginally-owned, award-winning content creator for film, television and interactive media. We have been producing for the Indigenous market since 2008, working to celebrate Aboriginal culture and enable storytellers to share their experiences with the world.