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Marie Clements Media Inc. (MCM)

About us

MCM (2014) is an independent media production company based in Vancouver, owned and operated by award-winning writer/director/producer Marie Clements. Specializing in the development, creation and production of innovative works of media that ignite an Indigenous and intercultural reality. Of late, MCM went into production for writer/director/producer Marie Clements’ Red Snow, a feature drama shot in the NWT and the interior of BC in extreme arctic cold and intense Interior heat. Red Snow features some of Canada’s leading Indigenous and culturally diverse actors and was shot in four languages including Gwich’in, Inuvialutktun, Pashto and English, also giving voice to an original sound score by Metis composer Wayne Lavallee and a host of Dene, Inuit, and Afghanistani musicians and vocalists. Red Snow was recently nominated for ten Leo Awards, Most Popular Feature Drama at The Vancouver International Film Festival, Best Canadian Drama at the Edmonton International Film Festival, A DGC Director Nomination, Best Director at the American Indian Film Festival and Achievement in Film at the LA Skins Festival. Red Snow continues its theatrical and festival release and will be broadcast on CBC in 2020. Looking at Edward Curtis, a half hour documentary and a series of sixteen short documentaries written/directed and produced by Marie Clements premiered at the DOXA International Documentary Festival and was broadcast on Knowledge Network in 2018.