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Parallila Pictures Inc.

About us

Leslie Hope and Tina Vacalopoulos have joined forces to create PARALLILA PICTURES, a new company dedicated
to making films that are created, embodied, and exemplified by filmmakers we want to watch. Seen through the
lens of women, new fresh voices, BIPOC and LGBTQ filmmakers, examining themes that matter now.
We are presenting a slate of 7 films budgeted from a low of 500,000 to a high of 2 million and with a total spend of
10,000,000CAD. Sales numbers have been submitted and vetted by 3rd party distributors and we estimate those
numbers to be conservative - a more likely possibility is for greater profit. PARALLILA PICTURES is pursuing the
model of small makeable movies across a range of genres. From female gothic horror to a dark teen comedy, from
a taut political thriller to neo-noir, what grounds and defines each of our projects is a high caliber of material.
We are committed to making films that are compelling, topical, personal, and budgeted in that sweet spot of
return. From crunching numbers to saying the words, we bring our experience from both sides of the lens. With
over 60 years of relationships to draw upon, here’s what we know for certain: great material attracts great talent.
And that winning combo establishes the best chance of return both artistically and financially.