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Afterlight Films Ltd.

About us

Afterlight Films Ltd. is an independent production company founded by writer, producer and director, Michael Penney in 2023; incorporating his battle-tested brand and 20-year legacy of cinematic storytelling forged on the front lines of helping marginalized communities find their voice and the support to be heard. His documentary work raised awareness for at-risk youth, early infant loss, homeless shelters and over $500,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank. His film The Last Gold Rush (2009) helped Afro-Colombians retain land rights in the Chocó by convincing the U.N. to implement the world’s first Fairtrade standard for ethical mining. Michael’s narrative work has screened internationally, bridging genres of drama, comedy, and thriller. His BRAVO-funded short Yeah Rite (2012) won a Peoples’ Choice Award and his internet-hit Game Night (2018) topped 6000 views within 2 weeks. Raising a son alone through critical health challenges taught Michael that politics of age, race, gender, and belief do not determine the relevance or relatability of our stories and need for support. He hopes Afterlight can continue to be a beacon of inclusion for artists to collaborate on character-driven features and series that engage our empathy, bringing audiences back into theatres to remember that no matter how unique our experience of love and loss, our laughter and tears are inseparable in the dark.