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About us

TMF MEDIA is a new, B.C. based company set up by filmmaker Joe Kennedy, who has returned to B.C. after three decades working internationally on documentaries around the world. TMF MEDIA aims to be a focus of high-quality productions with brilliantly told stories. TMF specialises in wildlife, science and history documentaries, employing skillsets that Joe has learned from a wide range of international filmmakers and broadcasters. Joe began his television career at the BBC in the UK, where he was trained as a producer, director and writer. Much of his time was spent at the world-famous BBC Natural History Unit where he was trained in the specialsed genre of wildlife filmmaking. He has subsequently worked across a range of television documentary genres including natural history and environment, science, history, current affairs and religion. As a producer he brings to TMF decades of experience in co-producing dozens of productions involving international partners including National Geographic, Discovery Channels, PBS, and many European broadcasters.