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Capital G Media Inc.

About us

We develop and produce content for film, television, and digital platforms.

Capital G Media is a Vancouver-based media group operating at the intersection of creativity as an integrated creative agency and production company.

We're not just creating content but shaping experiences that resonate with your personal journey. Specializing in developing and producing original content for film, television, and digital platforms, we focus on stories about coming of age, discovering oneself, and finding one’s voice—whether you're fifteen or fifty.

Our commitment at Capital G Media is to showcase courage and a diverse range of perspectives. With our vertically integrated approach, we build brands that reflect the diversity and richness of the global community, engaging deeply with audiences through strategic partnerships, merchandise, and experiential activations.

We pride ourselves on producing inclusive and relatable work, connecting audiences with narratives that explore a broad spectrum of human experiences. By tapping into global cultural trends through impactful storytelling, we create content that doesn’t just entertain but becomes a part of who you are.

At Capital G Media, the stories that matter most are those that help you find your purpose, your people, and your truth.