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Collective Pictures Inc.

About us

Collective Pictures is based out of Toronto, Canada breaking new ground in the way we engage with audiences. Most recently, Collective produced the film “Code 8” with the support of over 35,000 fans who contributed 2.5 million dollars through Indiegogo, the second largest crowdfunded original film of all time. Upon its Netflix release, “Code 8” jumped to #1 on the TOP TEN list for the month of April in the U.S. and several major markets around the world. The film also set the record for the highest grossing day-and-date release for Vertical Entertainment in the US and Elevation Entertainment in Canada.
Collective’s success comes from working closely with filmmakers to guide projects through their verticalized pipeline. From rights and packaging to post and distribution, Collective’s streamlined approach creates a more collaborative setting between business and talent. As a proudly Canadian company, Collective is uniquely positioned to access tax credits and regional incentives, giving storytellers and filmmakers greater options and control over their work. Learn more at