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Take 5 Productions Inc.

About us

Toronto-based Take 5 Productions was founded in 2009 to finance and produce high-quality international television, and quickly established itself as an industry leader. Take 5 is the follow up venture to Dufferin Gate Productions which was successfully sold in 2007. Over the past fifteen years, Take 5 and its predecessor company have produced, serviced or financed over 100 film and television projects.

Since its inception in 2009, the company has co-produced and delivered the final season of the award winning series 'The Tudors' for Showtime and CBC, the first two seasons of 'The Borgias' for Showtime and,Bravo/CTV , the ten-hour series 'Camelot' for Starz and CBC and the eight-hours series 'World Without End' for Tandem and Shaw. In March 2012, Take 5 embarked on its next major international co-production, 'Vikings' which will debuted on History and Shaw in early 2013.

In addition to its production activities, Take 5 is actively involved in the development of content for the domestic and international marketplace. Take 5 is an industry leader in deficit financing with established relationships with major broadcasters and distributors within Canada and throughout the international community. With a proven track record in Canada and abroad, Take 5 continues to develop opportunities to finance, produce and distribute high end content on all platforms.