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1073103 BC Ltd

About us

Amar has worked both in the studio model and as well as (with various) independent producer model and has assisted and overseen production financing for the various productions and worked with local production managers and post production houses to help deliver many projects.

He also brings a wealth of knowledge in line Producing the shows and as such, is knowledgeable in not only business affairs, tax credits and financing needs, but also production management, budgeting, crew management, costing of various line items and post production. He has accumulated this knowledge over the past 9 years in which he has worked and delivered close to 75 different productions in various roles from senior executive to line producer to production manager etc. Amar is also a CPA by training and has also prepared and structured a variety of financial plans (models) for financing movie productions in Canada, USA and abroad, to maximize tax credit claims and maximize the after tax returns and production value.