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Orenda Films Inc.

About us

Orenda Films Inc., an award-winning and provincially recognized film production firm, stands proud as a 100% Indigenous-owned entity. As a certified Indigenous business and an active member of the Canada Council for Aboriginal Business, our commitment to truth, reconciliation, and the empowerment of Indigenous communities is at the heart of what we do.

Our experience in gathering, sharing, and telling stories from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples across Canada has deepened our understanding of the transformative power of storytelling. We believe in using this power as a tool for education and societal change, particularly in elevating the voices and experiences of Indigenous peoples, communities and businesses.

At Orenda Films, we are dedicated to educating everyone about the realities faced by Indigenous Peoples and to creating opportunities that enable Indigenous Canadians to fully participate in society, both in educational and economic realms. This mission is embodied in our name, 'Orenda' – the Iroquois term for a spiritual energy inherent in people and their environment, empowering them to effect change. We strive to encapsulate this spirit in our films and videos, aiming to not only convey stories but to also foster understanding, connection, and a collective commitment to inclusivity and reconciliation.