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Paratactic Pictures Ltd.

About us

Paratactic Pictures Ltd was founded by Steven Suntres in December 2023. Since then, Paratactic Pictures has begun to build its brand of intelligent, entertaining, silly, and critical scripted projects. Most notably, Paratactic Pictures Ltd. is in pre-production with Car Wash Wars–a scripted comedy series with Steven Suntres as its Co-Creator. Car Wash Wars has secured a licensing agreement with Bell Fibe TV1, set to air in early 2024. Discount Wrestling, is the second scripted project represented by Paratactic Pictures. These two comedy series highlight a key mission of Paratactic Pictures: to help grow New Brunswick’s Film & TV Industry by producing content that both represents, and is created by, New Brunswick writers, filmmakers, and technical crew.

The variety in Paratactic Pictures' slate of projects can be explained by our definition of the term “Paratactic”: an assemblage of seemingly unrelated symbols, images, and concepts. This is the core stylistic mission for Paratactic Pictures, striving toward the production of a wide variety of content that may seem unrelated. However, each project contributes to the totality of Paratactic Pictures, an evolving brand of socially conscious content that will make audiences self-reflect, ponder, and shift their perspectives of the world around them, while making sure they laugh along the way.