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Yowza! Animation Corp.

About us

For over a quarter-century, Yowza Animation has provided high-quality, feature-level traditional, digital, and hybrid 2D animation across multiple platforms including television series, feature films, and video games. We began as an artist-founded studio, and remain artist-focused. Our reputation has been built by the talent, creativity, skilled knowledge, and passion of artists. Yowza is an international premiere animation studio with regard to creative quality. We are a primary destination for artists to continue developing their skills. We assist in advancing artists' careers, championing mobility and growth in new areas, and leading supervisory or directorial roles. We make room for representation in our studio. Yowza has a strong history of gender inclusion; we are one of the largest animation studios that is solely owned by a woman worldwide. We have a powerful team of women, men, and gender-non-conforming folks who navigate production from all angles and at all levels. Our purpose is driven by the highest standard of artistic excellence; requiring us to achieve and maintain integrity within production practices. We have worked with many prestige brands and clients (no space to list). Our experience and expertise make us uniquely suited to take on high-quality series. Our management skills allow us to execute efficient, excellent work on time and within budget. Our creative teams excel at heightening performances, carrying emotion throughout episodic series.