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Indiescreen Awards

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(if you’ve produced four or more feature films)

(if you’ve produced three or fewer feature films)

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicant(s) must apply with one “qualifying film.” A qualifying film must:
    • Be a CAVCO-certified Canadian film (in the case of co-productions, the film must be a majority Canadian production);
    • Have premiered or be slated to premiere theatrically, at a film festival or on an online streaming service in the 2024 calendar year; and
    • Have a runtime of at least 80 minutes.
  • The qualifying film cannot be submitted more than once, meaning:
    • It cannot be submitted in both the established and emerging categories.
    • It cannot be resubmitted if it was submitted for last year’s Indiescreen Awards.
  • The applicant producer(s) must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Previous winners of the Established Producer Award (or the CMPA Feature Film Producer Award) are welcome to reapply five years after their award win.
  • Kevin Tierney Emerging Producer Award winners may apply again after three years.

  • The Established Producer Award, presented annually since 2006, recognizes a Canadian independent feature film producer’s body of work, as well as their contribution toward defining the reputation of Canadian cinema on the world stage.
    • Producers wishing to apply for the Established Producer Award as a team must have produced at least four feature films together over the course of their career. This includes their qualifying film. 
    • Producers who have jointly produced a qualifying film but do not have a history of working together on previous films, may apply with separate applications. In this situation each of the producers would highlight their individual bodies of work, in addition to the qualifying film, and the jury would evaluate each of the applications independently.
      • This means the two (or more) producers in question would be competing against each other, as well as the other nominees, for the single award; individual applicants would not share the award.
  • The Emerging Producer Award, renamed the Kevin Tierney Emerging Producer Award, was added to the CMPA awards program in 2016 to highlight the extraordinary talents of an up-and-coming producer with bright career prospects.
    • Producers wishing to apply for the Kevin Tierney Emerging Producer Award must have produced three feature films or fewer over the course of their career. This includes their qualifying film.

  • Applicants are not required to be CMPA members.