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Film London animation webinar

October 30, 2023

Join Film London to explore how the US and Canada can co-produce with the UK – what North America needs, what the UK can offer and how it can be done.

London’s award-winning animation studios continue to deliver world-beating animation. The talent is here with clients ranging from Disney to DreamWorks and productions like ‘Isle of Dogs’, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Hey Duggee’.

We now have an even more competitive tax incentive at 39% that now covers animated features as well as television. To find out how it works and why you should consider working with London on your next project tune into our free webinar on 30 October at 10:00PST/13:00EST/17:00 GMT where you can hear from and ask experts from both sides of the pond why London is the best place to animate a story.