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FactualWEST Workshop Series | How to develop and produce a true crime hit

March 5, 2024

Prepare to dive deep into the world of true crime storytelling with Emmy and NAACP Image Award-winning writer, producer and director Brad Bernstein. This online event will offer aspiring creators unparalleled insights into crafting compelling narratives and navigating the ethical complexities of the genre. From concept to execution, Brad will share the strategies and techniques that have made his company successful after ten years of true crime producing, providing participants with the tools they need to elevate their storytelling to new heights. This session will be moderated by director and story editor Stephanie Rosloski (Wild Rose Vets, Pamela’s Garden Of Eden, Big Timber, Restored).

FactualWEST, formerly known as Field and Post, is proud to present the 2024 FactualWEST Workshop Series, with support from CreativeBC and CMPA-BC. FactualWEST is a non-profit association dedicated to providing ongoing skills development opportunities for the factual television industry in British Columbia and across Canada, and is excited to announce this new series featuring online webinars as well as in-person workshop with industry experts.