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Digital Distribution – Maximizing Reach and Revenues

June 27 – 29, 2024

The Digital Distribution workshop is a beacon for Film, TV and Documentary production companies seeking to navigate the tumultuous changes of the last few years that left the entertainment industry reeling. With traditional theatres struggling, VoD platforms looking for profits and the number of commissions dropping by the month, this workshop offers a lifeline, emphasizing the value of leveraging existing catalogues to adapt and thrive. The program underlines the prominence of alternative distribution models and provides crucial insights into monetizing content. Participants will receive a comprehensive view of the evolving market, including major players, and gain practical advice to extend their content’s reach, therefore maximizing their catalogue’s potential.

This workshop is grounded in real-world applicability, illustrated through current case studies and examples of successful deals. Led by international industry experts, participants will learn to develop distribution strategies that work in the current climate.