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Deadline: January 24, 2024

Students looking for client projects for Centennial program course work, unpaid

Centennial College Film and TV Business Program, Toronto is looking for clients with project work for our grad students over the next 2 months for a program called STORYWORKS. 20-30 hours of work need to be completed by end of March. Wide range of projects options – help with funding applications, budgeting, marketing plan support, research, development work.

Centennial’s Film and Television Business (FTVB) Program’s post-graduate program is unique: it prepares its students for careers in the business side of the film and television industry. In Semester 1 (Fall 2023), our students completed a broad range of courses, giving them a strong overview of our industry and the skills required to be successful in the business. In Semester 2 (Winter 2024), they are deepening their knowledge of the industry and the niches within it.

STORYWORKS is an experiential learning course. The course revolves around the creation of a small project for a real-world client. The students are expected to behave as professional contractors, managing their relationship with the client, and delivering a high-quality project on time. The project they complete for the client must make use of the skills they are learning in the FTVB program. It must be a discrete project, with a tangible deliverable. All projects will be delivered by first week of April, 2024.

Some potential projects our students have done in the past include the following: (they can work in teams of 2 or 3 as well depending on scope)

  • Creating a distribution strategy for a short film
  • Drafting a film/television budget
  • Creating a press kit for a film/television show
  • Creating a marketing plan for an indie film
  • Creating a fundraising or festival strategy
  • Creating a fundraising research report
  • Creating a discoverability plan
  • Creating a grassroots outreach plan
  • Drafting a funding application
  • Conducting audience demographic research
  • Assembling a tax credit application
  • Compiling an awards submission
  • Building a pitch package
  • Drafting a marketing plan for a film/television show
  • Creating a social media outreach strategy for a film/television show
  • Developing a DM strategy for a television project
  • Creating a crowdfunding campaign strategy
  • Production coordination on a short film and delivering the final production binder
  • Setting up an accounting system for a new producer

This is not an exhaustive list. It’s simply some ideas for getting started. Maybe you have a task with which you need some help. Let us know. Deadline Jan 24th. Please contact Tara Jan at