Pitch Market & Meetings With – Details on how to register, participating executives and meeting times below

NEW – Rush Line introduced for Pitch Market and Meetings With

Missed out on securing a spot in this year’s Market Access Program? Don’t worry! We’ve introduced a Rush Line for last-minute cancellations and opportunities.

For the Pitch Market, please arrive at least 15 minutes early and line up in the Rush Line outside of the Saskatchewan room (3rd floor). The hours of the Pitch Market are:

Thursday, February 1, 2024

9:00 am – 10:00 am ET

10:15 am – 11:15 am ET

11:30 am – 12:30 pm ET

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm ET

Friday, February 2, 2024

10:00 am – 11:00 am ET

11:15 am – 12:15 pm ET

For “Breakfast With” and “Coffee With”, please continue to reference the “Meetings With registration” page to fill any empty seats (must be logged in to access). The tables are considered locked at 8:00 pm ET the night before the meeting date. Please reference the registration page for meeting times and line up for the Rush Line, outside of Provinces II (4th floor), at least 15 minutes before the meeting time.

Pitch Market information

The Prime Time Pitch Market offers delegates the opportunity to book up to two 15-minute meetings with executives, in a one-on-one meetings, to pitch your projects. The 2024 Prime Time Pitch Market is open to all registered delegates. 

To help navigate the registration for the Pitch Market on our new platform, we encourage you to review the detailed instructions below.

This page will also direct you to a list of participating executives and available meetings times, which will help you prepare for registration on January 25.

Step 1 – Activate your conference profile in advance

To participate in the Pitch Market, you must have an activated conference profile. This can be done by clicking the link below and selecting “Log In” at the top right corner of the event site. The log in email must be the same email address you used to register for Prime Time.

Step 2 – Review executives and identify who would like to meet with

Once you have activated your profile, you can also review the Pitch Market executives, their bios, and the times they’re available to meet. Doing so will help you identify who to request meetings with when market registration opens. This is only accessible to those who have activated their conference profile.

Step 3 – Free your schedule of meetings during Pitch Market hours

To ensure you’re able to book a meeting with the executive of your choosing, ensure you clear your “My Event” schedule of any meetings during the executive’s Pitch Market availability.

Step 4 – Request meetings

Registration will open on Thursday January 25 at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT. All delegates will be sent an email on the morning of the launch, notifying them when the Pitch Market is open. You will also be able to access the market registration page through the event website.

Due to the high demand for meetings, please note that each delegate may only request a maximum of two (2) meetings. Please note that those who request more than two may have all meeting requests disqualified.

In years past, all meetings have booked up in a matter of minutes. Once the meeting slots are full the ability to request meetings will disappear. However, a waitlist will open shortly after the meetings are full. Each delegate has the ability to select up to two (2) executives as their waitlist meeting preferences.

Click on the executive you’d like to meet with and select an open meeting time.

By selecting “See more slots” under the first available slots you can view the executive’s availability over two days. Be quick to select the time that works best for you.

Meetings book up quickly. Once the meeting slots are full, the ability to request meetings will be deactivated. It is important to prioritize sending the meeting request as soon as possible to avoid someone swooping in and taking your meeting slot.

Ignore filling out the optional message to the executive and sending a connection request, as these executive accounts are not being monitored by the executives themselves.

Step 5 – Await confirmation

Sending a meeting request does not guarantee a meeting. All meeting requests are pending until you receive a notification outlining which of your requested meetings have been approved and scheduled. This confirmation may take up to two business days. This notification will appear when you click on the bell icon at the top right of the screen.

You will also be able to see which meetings have been scheduled (or still pending) in the “My Event” page, accessible on the event website when logged in.

The Pitch Market meetings will be taking place in-person in the Saskatchewan Room on the 3rd floor at the Westin Ottawa, our conference hotel.

Wait list

Once all meetings are full a wait list button will appear on the event platform homepage. Any registered delegate who was unable to secure a pitch meeting when registration opened will be able to identify two executives they’d like to meet with. If a cancellation occurs, the conference organizers will get fill empty meeting slots from delegates on the waitlist.


If you need to cancel your scheduled Pitch Market meeting, please email pitchmarket@cmpa.ca. This is an important step to allow the event organizers to fill the canceled meeting with demand from the Pitch Market wait list.


If you have any questions related to the Pitch Market, please reach out to pitchmarket@cmpa.ca.

Meetings With information

The Prime Time “Breakfast With” and “Coffee With” meetings are an opportunity for delegates to meet in a small group with executives from leading broadcasters and streamers, and learn about their company’s interests and priorities as it relates to content. Similar to the Pitch Market, registration for these meetings is done through our new online platform.

To participate in the these meetings, you must have an activated conference profile in order to reserve a seat. For details about how to activate a profile, please reference the instructions above (found in the Pitch Market info).

Registration for “Breakfast With” and “Coffee With” meetings will open on Friday January 26, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT . However, you should check back regularly as there may be cancellations, and spots may open right up until the day before the scheduled meeting time.

You will be able to access the dedicated “Breakfast With” and “Coffee With” registration pages through the event website.

To reserve a seat at a table, click on the bookmark symbol beside the table you’re interested in or click into the session and select “reserve a seat”. Once reserved, this session will appear on your “My Event” page.  

Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Delegates cannot reserve more than one seat at one table per time slot. It is not possible to reserve additional seats for colleagues – they must book their own spots.

Once an executive’s table is full, the ability to request meetings with that individual will be deactivated.

Be careful not to accidentally remove the session from your “My Event” page or the spot will be released in real time and potentially taken by another delegate.

Tables will be considered finalized at 8:00 pm ET on the day before the meetings.

If you have any questions related to the “Breakfast With” or “Coffee With” meetings, please reach out to pitchmarket@cmpa.ca.