Register below to become a STAR Producer Coach

The CMPA, through its STAR Producer Program‘s module focusing on post-production, is looking to recruit coaches to share their experience and expertise, focusing on managing the post-production process from a producer’s point of view, focusing on the creative aspects such as dealing with director, incorporating notes from broadcasters in the post-process, music and more!

The goal of this initiative is to create a platform where seasoned producers are able share knowledge and best practices based on their years of experience working in the production industry.

We are currently in a transitional phase as we design and implement a more robust, easy to use platform that will help connect established and emerging producers. While the work is ongoing on the development a new interface, we are offering a scaled down version of our coaching program.

Producers with 10+ years of experience are invited to fill out the form below to register to become a STAR Producer Coach.

If you are an emerging producer who is just starting out or a few years into your career, and interested in being paired with a STAR Producer Coach to learn more about the post-production process through an experienced producer’s eyes, stay tuned! Once we’ve built a roaster of coaches, we will follow up with a call for emerging producers, along with more details about expectations and requirements.