Short-Term Compensation Fund (STCF)

The Short-Term Compensation Fund (STCF), was originally launched by the Federal Government in October 2020. It indemnifies eligible Canadian productions for Canadian production costs that are incurred and contractually payable as the direct result of an interruption of more than one day in filming, or the producer’s abandonment of a production prior to the end of principal photography. Eligibility requirements include that the interruption or abandonment occurs after the execution of a Pre-Eligibility Agreement with Telefilm, being due to:

(i)  a confirmed diagnosis (of COVID-19) for an actor or director declared on the insurance policy covering the project; or

(ii)  any other confirmed outbreak (of COVID-19) on set that requires a complete production shutdown in accordance with current standards required by the applicable authorities.

Prior to applying, producers are advised to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and Essential Information provided here.

Producers are encouraged to apply to the STCF as soon as practicable, as applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis based on shooting dates, and fulfilment of the eligibility criteria does not guarantee coverage. Productions must apply no less than ten (10) business days before the start of principal photography.

Announcement from the Federal Government on February 11, 2022 extended the STCF to March 31, 2023, or until all funds are exhausted.