Calgary Film Centre | Business Development Manager, Programming

Erin O’Connor is the Business Development and Programming Manager at the Calgary Film Centre.  Primary responsibilities include investment attraction and business development, sales and marketing for film in Calgary and at the Calgary Film Centre; and industry development in alignment with the Calgary Film Commission and Alberta Film. Erin directs programming and oversees initiatives such as the Labour Market Survey and Work Action Plan for workforce development in the film and television industry in Alberta and ongoing professional training and support for emerging filmmakers through programs such as the Alberta Producer Accelerator Program.

Prior to this position, Erin was an Executive Arts Management Consultant providing strategic planning and management support to projects across Alberta. She has consulted in all areas of the creative industries including business and program development within film and television, visual arts, theatre, music and dance. Erin has deep experience in the creative industries and is known for her professionalism and dedication combined with strategic leadership and management skills.


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