Private Eyes | Producer

Alex’s career in film and television has spanned over twenty years and a myriad of diverse projects. As a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC),  Alex’s most notable work has been as a Production Manager on the action series Nikita, Transporter and Rogue. More recently he has served as Producer of the CSA award winning hit television series Private Eyes for 4 seasons and the upcoming 5th season. He has also been involved in various projects featuring talents such as Heather Graham, Forrest Whitaker, Eva Longoria, and Andy Garcia. Alex has just come off producing the Telefilm supported international co-production, Between Waves being released this fall.

These invaluable experiences, combined with a strong production background, have given Alex the capacity needed to tell dynamic stories in an innovative and exciting way. Alex has continuously demonstrated a commitment to investing in production value and scope with each project he takes on.