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As participants in an international virtual event, Prime Time Online affords us the ability to join together from regions all across Turtle Island and beyond. We recognize the enduring presence of Indigenous Peoples connected to and on this land. We encourage you to visit or to identify the First Nations territories from which you are joining us in order to reflect on the Indigenous Nations on whose lands you live and work. This acknowledgement is not intended to replace the work, thought and action that must be done in the interest of reconciliation.

* Please note the schedule is subject to change

February 1

Prime Time Face Off: Modernization of the Broadcasting Act

Prime Time is thrilled to feature a spirited debate about the modernization of the Broadcasting Act. As Parliament ponders Bill C-10, Prime Time is proud to bring together Janet Yale, Chair of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Review (BTLR), and Michael Geist, Law Professor at the University of Ottawa, to debate the proposed legislative update, and what it means for Canada's screen-based industry.


February 2

The Black Academy

Renowned Canadian actors and brothers Shamier Anderson and Stephan James recently launched The Black Academy to celebrate and inspire Black Canadians in the arts, entertainment, and sports. This Black-led not-for-profit is dedicated to breaking down barriers of discrimination and...


February 5

HireBIPOC: Exploring Progress and Outcomes

Launched in Fall 2020 and quickly embraced by the industry, HireBIPOC strives to offer a definitive roster of Canadian BIPOC creatives and crew working in screen-based industries. With 5,000 members and growing, HireBIPOC was formed to facilitate and increase hiring of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour across all sectors and at all levels of the Canadian media and entertainment industry, and has already made...


February 8

Keynote: Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault

Prime Time is thrilled to welcome back the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, to give a keynote interview conducted by the CMPA's Reynolds Mastin and the AQPM's Hélène Messier. The Canadian industry has faced major upheaval this year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is also facing significant shifts as updated Broadcasting Act legislation makes its way through Parliament...


February 9

Fireside Chat with CBC/Radio-Canada's Catherine Tait and CMPA's Reynolds Mastin

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat between CBC/Radio-Canada’s President and CEO, Catherine Tait, and CMPA’s President and CEO, Reynolds Mastin, as they discuss the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead for producers and Canada’s national public broadcaster....