Company Overview

Founded in 1963, William F. White International Inc. (WFW), a Sunbelt Rentals company, is Canada’s most iconic provider of production equipment to the entertainment industry. With offices across the country, the company services productions of all sizes from coast to coast and houses an extensive state-of-the-art inventory, including camera, lighting, grip, power, specialty equipment, location support, virtual production volumes, and over 1.4 million square feet of production-ready studio space. 

WFW’s latest studio offering, and first backlot is located in the City of Pickering, northeast of downtown Toronto. The 23-acre, present day small town is situated on a 90-acre plot of land and has been purposefully built for features, TV series, and commercials. In addition to the 30 storefronts and shops currently on the property, the town is easily expandable and can be converted to suit productions of all types, from rustic western setting to bustling New York City streets.

Alongside a growing studio footprint, WFW has also opened virtual production volumes in Vancouver and Toronto, in partnership with Academy and Emmy award-winning visual effects giant, Pixomondo (PXO). Currently, WFW operates three virtual production volumes across Canada, including one of the largest volumes in the world located in Vancouver.