Company Overview

Prairie Dog Film + Television has established itself as a consistently successful, 100% Indigenous owned, independent production company. Established in 1993 by Ron E. Scott, the company has developed a world-class reputation for delivering high quality, award-winning stories to an expanding global audience.

As a full-service production facility, the company is equipped to manage all elements associated with a television production. With diverse writing, extensive research & producing teams, top story editors and consultants, both accounting and business affairs departments, a digital and social media division, and a fully integrated HD post-production facility to seamlessly move through the production cycle.

With over 200 episodes of television produced, Prairie Dog’s content has streamed worldwide on NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, and aired on major networks across North America (APTN, ABC, CBC, City TV, CTV, Global, Halogen, ION, Hulu, & Showcase) as well as international markets including New Zealand, Australia, China, Europe, Russia and South Africa. In addition, numerous universities, educational institutions and libraries around the world have used Prairie Dog’s programming as an educational resource.

Prairie Dog invests in the next generation of industry professionals through mentorship training programs as well as student scholarships for young writers. The company is committed to providing individuals with invaluable opportunities to train on set with director Ron E. Scott. To date, hundreds of trainees have joined Scott on set, learning from the best cast and crews in Canada.

Prairie Dog’s programming has been recognized and awarded for excellence in Canadian Drama through The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Leo Awards and the Alberta Media Production Industry Association, with over 160 nominations. Selected wins include, Best Dramatic Series, Best Writing for television Drama, Best Performance by an Actress and a range of Diversity awards.