Company Overview

Manitoba Film & Music is the provincial funding agency and Film Commission for Manitoba. Established over 30 years ago, it has helped Manitoba crews continue to grow and develop as film and TV production has become a quarter-billion-dollar industry in the province. As a critical investor in much of the content produced and co-produced by Manitoba companies, Manitoba Film & Music prides itself in being a partner in production with local creators as well as a key resource for Canadian and foreign producers exploring the province.

The organization is the first point of contact for studios and producers looking to shoot in Manitoba. It also acts as the provincial funding agency for incentives focused on film production and administers Manitoba’s film production tax credit program, one of the most competitive in Canada. Through it, producers can receive up to 65% back with the Cost-of-Salaries Tax Credit (including bonuses) OR up to 38% on all eligible Manitoba expenditures with the Cost-of-Production Tax Credit (including bonus).

Manitoba Film & Music’s film team stands readily available to field questions on tax credits, deeming, physical production and provide film commission services in the form of script location breakdowns and information packages. The team supports producers when scouting, in prep, during the shoot and after with tax credit processing. They also work hand in hand with local stakeholders including labour, studio facilities and partners at the City of Winnipeg and surrounding municipalities. Strong relationships with all areas of government, the private sector and public institutions–and the access these relationships secure–is key to solving production challenges. One call to the film commission provides access to all.