Company Overview

Nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains and the prairies, Alberta provides a rich range of spectacular, diverse scenery for moviemaking. Thriving metropolitan centers are only a short drive from ice-capped mountains, lush fields, picturesque river valleys and arid, prehistoric badlands.

Located within the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Culture and Status of Women, the Alberta Film Commission offers comprehensive production support services. These supports include information about unions and guilds to contacts for highly skilled industry professionals including producers, directors, location managers, grips, costume designers and more. 

The Alberta Film Commission is committed to keeping productions safe in this changing environment and can provide filmmakers with on–the-ground support to ensure their projects are safe and successful. 

Major international projects have benefitted from Alberta’s expert crews, competitive incentives and our incredible range of diverse locations. 

Alberta-crewed productions have also garnered notable recognition and hardware from the Golden Globes, Oscars and Emmys.