1. How to access sessions, on-demand

If you’ve registered for Prime Time Online, you have access to all Prime Time Online sessions, live or on-demand. All of the sessions will be accessible directly from the Prime Time Online website. To watch a session, simply click on the session title. The sessions will be available for delegates at the time indicated in the schedule entry. For example:

At this point, if you’re not logged in to the website, you will be prompted to enter your email and password.

Forgot your password? No problem, just click on the “Lost your password?” link:

Not registered? That’s easy – fill out our delegate registration form and you’ll be given immediate access!

Once you’re on the session page, just click “WATCH NOW!” (Note: if you go to the page before the session is published, you’ll be alerted as to the time and date the session will become available.)

2. How to access live sessions

Live sessions, such as today’s Virtual Opening Reception, are accessed much in the same way as on-demand sessions. Live sessions are colour coded in BRIGHT PINK in the schedule.

To access live sessions, follow the same steps as you would for an on-demand session:

However, when you click the “WATCH NOW!” button, you will be prompted to open a Zoom session. Just click on the “Open Zoom Meetings” button, and you’ll be ushered into the live Zoom session with your fellow delegates:

If you missed a live session, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be posting recordings of most live sessions on the schedule page after the fact.

3. Sessions with limited access

Some sessions on the schedule, such as the Pitch Market and Buyers Briefing meetings, are only available to delegates who have pre-registered for the limited spots. (Luckily, we’ll be releasing additional Buyers Briefings slots later today – more on that below.)

If you’ve registered for one of these sessions, you should have already received an email with instructions about how to access it.